My Cousin Amanda's Reception

The great thing about going to a family member's wedding / reception is that you can enjoy yourself without having to feel like you're under the gun.

I was able to take a few shots while walking around. Note: I was trying my best not to be "that guy" at the reception. You know...the guy who shows up with the HUGE camera and trys to one-up the professional? (We've all been there)

So, I pretty much only shot family photos and some table set ups.

One thing about my family... they know how to throw a party. ;)

(Steven, Joellen, Aunt Linda and Uncle Ken)

(Mom and Dad)

(Uncle Jack and Mom)


("Let them eat cake.")



(Amanda and Mark) ~ aw cute!

(You've got to order the "Romano" to get this cocktail!)

(Downtown San Diego / Marina from the Balcony, in the distance is the Coronado Bay Bridge)

Congrats to Amanda and Mark on their marriage! Love you guys!