Kaufman Kramer's Photography Weekend Part 1

Hey everyone! Just to give you a glimpse at what we were up to this past weekend...

Chris, Brad, and I decided that it would be fun to organize a "photography weekend" where we could use almost all of the equipment we own across multiple types of shooting scenarios.

Here was our schedule:
Friday, September 5th
5:30PM Dinner and Preparation (Steve’s Apartment)
7:00PM Night Time / High Dynamic Range Photography (rained out)
9:30PM Editing Session

Saturday, September 6th
9:30AM Live Edit using Lightroom and Aperture
10:45AM Studio Lighting Portrait Session
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Sports Photography - AU vs. Ferris State
3:30PM Commercial Photography “My Ashland” Shoot
5:30PM Dinner
7:00PM Balancing Flash with Ambient Light

Sunday, September 7th
9:30AM Debrief and Preparation for Engagement Session
2:30PM Leave Ashland for Baypoint
4:30PM Shoot at Baypoint Marina

Since we got rained out on Friday night, we stayed in and went over various editing techniques. However, the next morning allowed us to do some cool studio lighting. Check it out:

(Traditional 3-point lighting)

(Don't ask...)

(Traditional 3-point lighting)

(2 Light "Jack Reznicki" Style. 1 Key Light directly to the side, tilted backdrop, and one hair light)

(Over-under Commerical Lighting. One light overhead, one light under)

(At least I'm well read...)

(Over/under Glamour type lighting)