Since 2005, we’ve captured over a million photographs, and we still feel the rush from every click of the shutter.

Our philosophy

What’s the difference between a good photograph and a great photograph?

A good photograph documents a place and time. A great photograph inspires emotion. It moves us. It compels us to remember the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of that exact moment. Great photography is so much more than just expensive cameras and lenses. It’s about looking at that photograph and seeing the connection we share with each other.

We are storytellers. We use our cameras to tell your story in a way that’s uniquely you. Every detail, every moment, captured with precision, creativity, and thoughtfulness. We use our passion for photography to tell a story that is special, timeless, and most importantly… yours.

We consider it both an honor and privilege to be invited in on one of the most important days of your life; and to help you remember that moment with great photography.

– Steve & Rebecca Kaufman

Wow, where do I begin. Choosing Kaufman Photography was the BEST decision we made when it came to planning our wedding. On top of providing us with the most beautiful photos of our amazing day, Steve was such a HUGE help the day of, making sure everything ran smoothly. As the bride, a price cannot be put on the peace of mind Steve provided for us throughout the whole process. We would do it all again in a heartbeat!
— Alicia P. | 2017

Steve, you did an AMAZING job, as expected from a fellow Falcon ;) Thank you so much for not letting some unfortunate weather hinder your ability to do great photography! You allowed the photography to be a stress-free part of the wedding planning process as you had me assured upon first meeting you that we were in good hands. All of our friends and family were so comfortable with you and it really showed in the photos. You successfully captured the candid moments I had hoped you’d get and we’ll treasure these for the rest of our lives! I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to have great memories of a special day.
— Kristin K. | 2010