The Cleveland Marriott Bridal Show


Kaufman Photography has gone through many changes in the last year. As we attend expos and meet new clients, we wanted that change to reflect on the way we represented ourselves in our booth.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to do just that, and participate in the Cleveland Marriott Bridal Show.

The idea was to showcase who we are, and what we feel photography is about. Ditching the formal coffee shop high-tops for end pieces and removing benches for vintage coffee tables and classic chairs, we created a space that not only showcased the photography, but also an inviting space that would help visualize those pieces in a home. A bonus was being able to show off some of our awesome vintage cameras.

Of course, being Ohio in January, it did get a bit slippery later on in the day. Overall it was a great show, and we got to talk to some amazing couples.

We're definitely excited for our 2015 clients, and look forward to meeting our 2016!

- KP