Krista and Scott (Rain or Shine...)

Hi everyone! We got a chance to shoot with a wonderful couple in Columbus recently, Krista and Scott. Now, this was an interesting story. Scott, who is currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, was unavailable (for obvious reasons) to shoot an engagement session with his finacé, Krista. Now, this absolutely bummed me out because they are both such cool individuals, I knew that we would have had a blast had we the chance to shoot with them before wedding day.

As a photographer, flexibility is essential. One of the key aspects of our business is our ability to work with a client before wedding day. This is allows us to build rapport with our client, and it really helps take "the edge off". How many times have we had a camera pointed in our direction and we freeze? Plus... our engagement sessions rock ;) , so... you can understand why I was bummed. Luckily, I was able to cover their rehearsal dinner, which turned out to be great since I got a chance to steal them away for a "mini" engagement session.

The reason why I named this post "rain or shine" is because we had a ridiculously rainy weekend. A funny story happened to Brad and I as we were shooting. The reception hall was in this fantastic old warehouse in Downtown Columbus. It's called "The Venue" at Smith Bros. Now, the Smith Bros. building burned a few years back, and was renovated into multiple reception sites for weddings, corporate events, etc... Wedding day allowed for enough time for Brad and I to preset our photography table with the slideshow for Krista and Scott, extra gear, etc... While we were out shooting the bride and groom at the hotel, it absolutely down-poured. Since the reception hall was an old warehouse, the roof would leak in hard rain. Luckily, one of the staff (who we owe a debt of gratitude and cookies too, btw) noticed that our photography setup was getting dripped on. She moved our table out of the way just in time... since our iMac was just about to get rained on. No harm done...but definitely a close one.

Despite the rain, we had a great time shooting with Krista and Scott, and I think they're going to love the photography. Scott is going to be deployed shortly after the wedding for up to a year, and so I hope that both them can look back at our photos and remember what a wonderful wedding day they had during their time apart.

Congratulations you two...and come home safe Scott! :)


Krista and Scott