Jillian and Walter, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Hi everyone! I wanted to share one of our latest couples with all of you...Jillian and Walter. This was a very cool wedding. The wedding took place on May 30th in Akron at a place called Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. I must say, this location was absolutely beautiful. Lots of old-English buildings, tea garden, flower gardens, and little nooks and crannies that provided us with tons of great setups for photography. It was interesting being at such a huge property because this location can actually accommodate 2-3 weddings simultaneously, and thus the staff there coordinate to keep the brides from seeing each other. It was cool to turn the corner and see another wedding party. The funny thing was that I think that the photographers sized each other up as much as the brides did. "Oh...he's a Canon shooter...Oh... he's got a Nikon". I always try to be friendly towards everyone we meet, because hey, we're all in this together right? Let that be a lesson to other photographers who may just be starting out. Don't nay-say the competition, it reflects poorly on you, and you wouldn't want other photographers doing it to you.

Jillian had one of the coolest bouquets I've ever seen. Each rose in her bouquet was made of wood. Each one was hand-painted and looked so real that you literally couldn't tell they were wood unless you tried to smell them. The best thing about it is that she can keep her bouquet forever! Very different, and very beautiful. Overall, it was a a great ceremony, and the weather was perfect. Enjoy!