Erica and Danny (From the Beach to the Chapel)

The thing I love most about working with Erica and Danny is that they are adventurous. There is something to be said for couples who are up for anything, and that is by definition, exactly what Erica and Danny are in to. We met these two last year and we were so excited to shoot with them during our Kaufman Kramer Photography weekend. They graciously agreed to shoot a "Trash the Dress" session with us in addition to their engagement session. Anything in the interest of great photography right? What I find to be wonderful about Erica and Danny is that they both have very strong personalities. Danny is very laid back, and really enjoys letting Erica run with her ideas. Erica is the strong-willed, adventurous type who knows exactly what she wants. (And the camera loves her) ;) When it comes to photography in general, I've always felt that it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture the personality of their subjects. I think in Erica and Danny's case, their personality comes through in every photograph. One thing I've always enjoyed about shooting is the chance to meet cool people. We've been blessed as photographers to have nothing but great relationships with each of our clients. Through our many interactions, from the Trash the Dress, to the Engagement Session, to the Boudoir Shoot, to the Wedding Day, every experience we've had with Erica and Danny has been exciting, vibrant, and a great chance to produce awesome images.

One thing I always tell clients during my client consultations is that it is ESSENTIAL that we work together before the wedding day. Before the wedding, I had worked with Erica specifically 3 times, and going into the wedding day, we already had a great rapport built up. I think that's what makes the difference between the photographer that shoots for the paycheck and the photographer that shoots for love of photography. We deal in relationships...we invest in people. I've been hearing many clients say that we'll be their photographers for life. For me, there is no greater honor as a photographer to hear a client say that. If I can be included in the list of...My Doctor is...My Dentist is... My Photographer is... then my job is done.

I just wanted to say thank you to Erica and Danny for continuing to invest in our relationship and for being so awesome over this past year. I can't wait to see what you think about your images, and I can't wait for the next time we get to work together.

Congratulations from myself, and all of the Kaufman Kramer crew! You guys rock.