Danielle and Matthew

Hi everyone! Brad and I were down in Columbus a week ago for our latest engagement session for Danielle and Matthew. Danielle and Matt picked out some cool locations toward the downtown area of Columbus. We walked around the German Village area and got some great back-alley shots. We love to put our subjects in warm light with colorful backgrounds, and downtown Columbus is full of detail-rich places to shoot. The shoot was a a lot of fun and we are definitely looking forward to the wedding.

On engagement sessions, it important to keep things easy going and relaxed. It's a delicate balance for photographers because on the one hand, you want to get as many setups in as you can before your light is gone, and on the other, you don't want to rush your couple because it sets up a negative atmosphere where they can't be themselves. Brad and I kid around all the time with clients, tell lots of stories, and generally just make fun of each other. "If you can't laugh at yourself...right?" It's important to keep the conversation going and to make sure to take this valuable one-on-one time to build raport with each couple. Often, as a photographer, you only get to work with the client once before the wedding day, and that day may be a year away! So...make it count.

Here's a preview of their engagement session. Enjoy!