A Portrait Shoot with Katharine

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had some down time out here in San Diego, and I'm currently recovering from my tryptophan induced coma. So, I decided to work on a few blog posts. A few months ago, my friend Katharine needed some headshots for her acting career in Massachusetts. Of course, I volunteered to shoot some for her since I always look forward to mixing things up a bit with photography. Katharine brought in a few outfits and we got to work. I remember asking her as to why we had to have so many different color outfits if we were just going to convert them all to black and white. She told me that these days, many casting directors are now requesting full color headshots and that this was now the norm. I actually wasn't aware that casting agents / directors don't really request black and white shots anymore.

Either way, I think we were able to come up with some great shots for her, and being an old high school friend, I thought it would be fun to come up with a magazine cover for her. I have no doubt that she'll be on the covers of magazines one day, but for right now, let's consider this a preview of coming attractions. :)

Thanks for a fun shoot Katharine!