A Cold Night in Nashville

We had some time to shoot in Nashville the last night of the conference and so we decided to have a little bit of a contest. Our goal was to go out and shoot for a couple hours and to see what we could come up with. Chris and Jeremy went off in one direction and Brad and I went off in another. I love walking around new cities. I think that being in an unfamiliar place with a camera really does allow your creativity to shine.

Our photos turned out awesome and I was really happy to see that everyone went for something a little different. Chris went for abstract art, texture, and shape whereas I produced some HDR photos, interesting color, and some portraits for people I met around town. I met a very nice lady named Abby who was playing spoons in the downtown area just up the street from the original Grand Ole Opry. She was gracious enough to let me photograph her playing. It was about 10 degrees out that night and I had to commend her on her willingness to entertain out on the street. She loved to play, and I loved to shoot. That's dedication to your craft.

There's so much detail to be seen if you just stop and look for it. A cool angle on a building, an interesting texture on the street, or a passing glance from a stranger... the point is to get out and shoot! You might be surprised what you're missing.