Wedding Videography: An Industry in Flux

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you'll remember that we have been documenting an ongoing conversation as to the state of the wedding videography industry. Specifically, we have been discussing how the Canon 5D Mark II is a game-changer not only in terms of production quality, but also in how it opens up the creative possibilities for photographers and videographers alike. Chris found a great video the other day that I wanted to share on our blog. Now, please note, this is not our video... we haven't gotten into videography...yet (wink) but I thought that this was a great example of how a videographer named Jeff Wood took his 5D to the extremes. In this video, pay attention to the depth of field control, variable frame rate, and selective focus. There are also great examples of bright daylight and dark reception footage and how the camera handles both extremes. I also have to note that this video was VERY well edited and the post effects are top notch. Hands down, this is where the industry is going, and those who have an eye for it are certainly going to benefit greatly from the flexibility and affordability of video dSLR technology.

Check it out.

5d from Jeff Wood on Vimeo.

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