The Bryant Family | Kingwood Center Family Portrait Session

I love photographing families at Kingwood Center. If you've never been there, it's worth a trip. The house was built in 1926 for the King family. The entire 47-acre estate became a public garden in 1953. It reminds me of walking around the old Millionaires Row in Cleveland. Kingwood looks untouched by time. There are numerous themed gardens along with sprawling fields of beautifully maintained foliage. This past week, we had the opportunity to work with Jesse, Kathryn and their three children. It was so much fun to photograph the kids running around the gardens and rolling around in the sun. For family sessions, you never quite know how long you have before everyone starts getting tired, especially with the sun bearing down. The trick is, stay in the shade when you can, and move quickly. Evening hours give everyone a nice, warm glow that's always great for photos.

We try and keep family sessions light and fun, and just allow kids to be kids. We pose when we need to, but never underestimate the power of just being silly and keeping your eye out for the little moments. Overall, the shoot went great and I think we produced some fantastic photos. Many thanks to the Bryant family for allowing us to capture their beautiful family!

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