Tausha and Luke. The Engagement...

Hi everyone! David and I got a chance to shoot with a really cool couple, Tausha and Luke and we wanted to share some of the photos from their engagement session. This was an especially fun shoot for us because I got a chance to work with David, (a really good friend of KKP's.) David (also known as the guy who waves his hands at the camera in EVERY blog post) started shooting with us a little over a year ago and he's really been producing some great stuff. I'll have some blog posts in the coming weeks that showcase some of his work. I think it's important to work with different shooters on occasion just to mix things up a bit and to provide another critical eye. Tausha and Luke were very easy to work with and after we loosened them up a bit, (mainly by David and I just making fun of each other) the photos really started to take off. I always stress with our clients the importance of working with their wedding photographer before wedding day. There's just something about building rapport and knowing what to expect that helps put minds at ease on wedding day. When we first started KKP (almost 4 years ago...) we didn't offer engagement sessions right off the bat, and I think it impacts your ability to engage with a client on wedding day. It's nice to experience something familiar, and as stressful as wedding day is, the one thing you don't want to worry about is whether or not your photographer is going to produce for you. The KKP engagement sessions are really one of our strongest attributes, because we're always traveling to locations we don't know, and we're forced to think outside the box. I think that's one of the huge draws for me personally when I decided to become a photographer. Always new. Not just sitting in a cubicle with the same old monotonous tasks to complete.

This was a great engagement session, and I hope you enjoy the video!

-Steve K.