Photoshop World's Pro Pass

NAPP allows you to register for Photoshop World in couple of different ways. There is a standard registration and a Pro Pass registration. Luckily, I picked up one of the last pro-pass registrations available. Unfortunately, Chris wasn't able to get one. (Which was a bummer)

The cool thing about a pro pass is that it gives you an extra conference workbook (well worth the cost of the conference alone) and a bunch of extras. Some of these extras include: an attache bag, note taking binder, pens, t-shirt, hat, etc...

The coolest thing about the Pro Pass is that you get a ticket to the Photoshop World Party, which is a great opportunity to network with the instructors you've been taking courses from all day. Here are some pictures from the party:

(NAPP Staff Birthday)

(Steve was Dave Cross from Photoshop UserTV) (Eddit Tapp took the picture) ;)

(Steve looking way more excited than Ben Willmore)

(Scott Kelby's Band: Big Electric Cat)

(For the record, Scott Kelby can also sing) ;)

(David Ziser doing what he does best)

(R.C. doing... something?)

(Steve and Eddie Tapp, a Canon Explorer of Light)

(Steve, Dave, and Eddie)

(Steve and the man himself, Scott Kelby, President of NAPP)