Photoshop World's Midnight Madness!

Chris and I have to admit, we were a little skeptical when we woke up at 6:15AM to get in line for Midnight Madness tickets; after all, we'd never been before. However, we can honestly say that it was well worth the early wake up call. We got to see some outtakes from the Photoshop World opening movie, and played an fun round of 1 versus 200 / Family Feud based on Photoshop questions. Of course, we can't show you too much of Midnight Madness, because you have to get up early if you wanna go! Plus, I don't think Chris and I had enough energy that late at night to hold the camera steady. :p

We also got a chance to briefly talk about what we did during the day while walking back. The night of Midnight Madness actually fell on the day with the most classes, so we were pretty tired when all was said and done. Totally worth it. It was a blast.

Check it out: