Nicole and Brian (At the Conservatory)

Hi everyone! I'm catching up on some blog posts and wanted to share some of our latest engagement sessions. Nicole and Brian are one of our upcoming 2010 weddings, and we had a blast shooting with them this fall. It was a beautiful day out, and we got a chance to run around almost all of Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. Brad and I were following Nicole and Brian down a hill to grab a few more shots up near the main building when I stepped in a divot and rolled my ankle. Of course, I spend more time on the shoot talking with the client and making small talk than watching where I'm stepping.  I would have put money on it being broken or at least a bad sprain, but I was able to hobble down the hill and finish up the shoot. When I got home that night my ankle was huge. Luckily, my lovely girlfriend Rebecca was a ballet dancer for many years, and thus knew exactly how to take care of a sprained ankle. Thanks to her, I was running around again in a week.

Despite the ankle, the shoot turned out great and we were able to produce some wonderful engagement photography for Nicole and Brian. Enjoy!