Need some Inspiration?

It's cold outside! I've been spending a great deal more time inside (more than I want to) working on some business stuff. I'm definitely in the mood for summer, but until then, I like to stay inspired by checking out some of my favorite photographers. Now, I'm often asked by other photographers, or sometimes even clients, as to who inspires or motivates me? I think it's safe to say that most photographers draw their inspiration from other photographers strengths, at least initially. When I started to shoot weddings I had an idea in my head of what I thought wedding photography should be, so I went out to search for it.

I immediately identified that I loved the "California" style of photography. Now, what do I mean by "California"? I'm talking about bright colors, amazing locations, lots of contrast, shallow depth of field, all that stuff... Now, I know we're in Ohio (most of the time) and to produce that kind of look takes a bit more effort. But, that's what I like, so that's what I seek to produce on shoots.

Here are some examples of photographers I continue to check out on a regular basis:

Mike Colon

Jessica Claire

Now, I have to mention up front that I do not advocate copying another persons work. That's not cool at all, and it shows that you can't think outside the box. However, I do think it is very important for a photographer to identify what they like about certain types of photography and more importantly, why they like it. It's through the industry as a whole that I developed my sense of style and what I think looks good. I tell brides all the time, "if you see something in a magazine that you love, rip it out, send me a link, etc...". Knowing what your client thinks is great photography only serves to help you raise your personal bar even higher. Get inspired! Read blogs, check out magazines, network with other photographers, whatever it takes. You'd be surprised how much your photography improves when you can truly establish your personal definition of amazing.

I think some of the best photographs I've taken have been in situations where I hadn't been to the location before and something happened unexpectedly. It's my formula for awesome photography. Take a great couple, add a new location, and make uncertainty your friend. Great stuff, every time.

We've been talking about video on our blog for quite some time now, and I always like to share some video work that inspires me. We have some photographers that follow our blog, so hopefully these videos inspire you as well. The more I see Canon 5d and 7d dSLR footage the more I want one. I've been looking for some Nikon D3S footage, and Chris sent me a great link that showcases the Nikon D3S in action. (Gotta give some praise to Nikon after all...)

Check out the Nikon D3S video here:

Here are some additional Canon videos that I really like:

Roger and Hayley - Short eShoot Clip - 5D Mark II from Matt E on Vimeo.

Vera & Aleksander - the highlights from Catch The Motion on Vimeo.

Again, I think this kind of stuff is going to revolutionize videography. I can't wait for us to get our first video dSLR!

Hope you like the vids. Definitely check out the photogs who produced them. Very good stuff.