Miami University (The Lilly Conference)

Hi everyone! I'm down here in Oxford, Ohio at Miami University to attend The Lilly Conference on College Teaching. This is my second year here at Lilly and I actually got a chance to present with a wonderful friend and colleague, Debra Westerfelt. Deb is an Assistant Professor of Business Management at Ashland University. We presented a lecture on "Web 2.0 Tools for the 21st Century Collaborative Learning Environment. We discussed techniques and free online tools that instructors could use easily in their classrooms. This is a topic that I'm passionate about, because I enjoy helping people achieve that "ah-ha" moment. Aside from purely just photography, I have a sincere love for teaching. I always thought the best instructors in college were the ones that had practical real-world experience. I think I'll be very lucky if one day, I can teach at a University, a class on the ins and outs of owning a business and exploring ones own creativity.

Now, as you all know (or at least those of you who follow the blog) I never travel without a camera, and this trip down to Oxford was no exception. I had some free time this evening to run around campus and create some cool new HDRs. Now, being a Bowling Green guy, I have to say that my loyalties remain with my dear alma mater. but I was able to put aside my disdain for our football rival and shoot what I think are some really cool shots. Miami has one of the most beautifully designed campuses I've ever seen. The new buildings are immaculate and are nothing short of amazing. I listened to a lecture by Michael Wesch, (Professor at Kansas State University that created the "A Vision of Students Today" video ---> Worth Watching!!!)  in their new business building and I was blown away by the layout and design. This place definitely knows how to create buildings with style and elegance.

So, when I went shooting this evening, that's what I set out to capture, the style and elegance of some of Miami's landmarks and new buildings. I hope you all like what I came up with!



Business Building