Megan and Jeff

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with all of you our latest engagement session. Chris and I got a chance to hang out with Megan and Jeff at our alma mater, Bowling Green State. We had a blast even though it was a bit cold outside. As a photographer, you may not always have the weather on your side, but it's your ability to adapt for any situation that forces you to get creative with your lighting, posing, what-have-you. Megan and Jeff both met each other at Bowling Green, and their wedding is actually taking place in the campus chapel. It's a very cool location because of the abundance of 100-year old trees located around the chapel. Megan and Jeff also wanted to create some cool "Save-the-Date" invitations for family and friends, so we shot a series of "photobooth" style photography for them to use. They appear at the end of their engagement video.

While I have the opportunity to write, I wanted to tell you about a funny story that happened that day. Chris and I were both shooting with d300's, and Chris had the 24-70mm lens, and I had the 70-200mm lens. David, one of our up and coming shooters wanted to lend us a hand with the shoot, so as he was assisting, he went to look over my shoulder at what I was shooting. As he bent over, there was a bit of a ripping sound, which I didn't hear, but he swears to (sorry Dave), followed by a look of surprise and suspense. David then proceeded to wear a jacket around his waist all day. This was all pretty funny throughout the day because the rip in his pants was literally a good 6-8 inches in length. Little did David know that the majority of our shoot would be spent walking from one end of campus to the other, which could total up to almost a mile each way. So, this is my opportunity to embarrass Dave, which I so rarely have the opportunity to do, but a good story nonetheless.

Notice the strategically placed Boda bags and the jacket around his waist. Too funny.

Hope you enjoy the photos!