Katie and James

Chris, Brad, and I got a chance to work with a Katie and James a few weeks ago in the town of Ashland. As much as I love to travel for our photography, I do find it nice to work close to home on occasion if for no other reason than it's so much less wear and tear on us after a long day shooting. That being said, we got a chance to shoot in the AU Chapel, a location that we know well. We figured, this would be a great opportunity to bring in one of our "interns" to give her some experience in shooting with us. Brooke, who is currently attending Bowling Green State University and is a visual communication major, joined the KKP team to "learn-the-ropes" of wedding photography. It was a great experience for us to shoot in a location that the full-time shooters were familiar with because it takes much of the pressure off of the flow of the day. We know what works in terms of lighting and locations, and we know how to change things up to get a different look for each of our clients. Now, I should note that we never rely on our interns to produce photography because they're "in-training". However, I also believe that part of growing as a business and staying fresh with your ideas means bringing in new and aspiring talent and letting them have the opportunity to show off what they can do. Brooke performed great and produced some fantastic photography during the wedding.

Creative free reign is hard to find in internships. (I know this from my own VCT days...) but with Kaufman Kramer, we wanted to offer something different for up and coming creatives. It's not about carrying gear... (well, it's a little bit about that...) but it's REALLY about putting a camera in your hands and letting loose. We always welcome new shooters to come work with us, and if you're interested in an internship with Kaufman Kramer, please feel free to shoot us an email through the web site or leave us a message on Facebook.

Katie and James were a wonderful couple to work with and allowed us to work our creative magic. We were able to produce some fantastic photography for them and I can't wait to get started on their wedding album. Congratulations once again to Katie and James!