Holly and Andy

We know...we know... the midst of wedding season tends to get a bit hectic, so we haven't gotten a chance recently to update you on some of our weddings. However, I think that now is a perfect time to share some of the awesome weddings from the year thus far. One of our recent couples, Holly and Andy were married in May, and actually, right after the wedding there was a crazy rainstorm that blew through. Luckily, their church had some great locations to set up some creative shots. Remember, clouds aren't a bad thing...just a giant softbox in the sky. ;) Holly and Andy have been friends of ours for awhile now, so it was really fun to get them to mix things up a bit with us. (We do love those adventurous brides) - Oh, and when the storm did finally pass through... Let's just say, amazing sunset.

Check them out, and again, Congratulations you two!