Hello from Chicago!

Hello all. I'm here in Chicago attending the ANGEL user conference for Ashland University. The thing is, ANGEL just announced that it was purchased by Blackboard (something we're not to thrilled about at AU) So, there was some unexpected downtime where I actually got a chance to walk around the city and shoot a bit. (Can't go to Chicago without a camera...right?) I was walking around with Tim, (who's an excellent photography assistant I might add) and we found some really cool sites around the city to photograph. We were staying at the Mariott on the Magnificent Mile (great location) and we found that Millennium Park wasn't too far away. So, despite the impending thunderstorm, we ventured out. Low and behold, as soon as we get to Millennium Park, it starts pouring. Actually, it was kinda cool to see a thunderstorm pass through a downtown area, since all the skyscrapers have lightning rods, it was quite a show.

Here's some of my favs from the shoot:




Overall, some cool stuff! Hope you like!