Danielle and Ryan

Hi everyone! Brad and I got a chance to shoot with Danielle and Ryan down in Westerville a week ago and we put together a video to show you some of the best shots from the shoot. Danielle and Ryan are getting married on December 27th at a beautiful location in Sunbury. To complement their choice in venue, we thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit and try a downtown/metro shoot.

It was interesting to hear that Danielle and Ryan didn't really have many photos of themselves together, so of course, we aimed to provide an abundance of great photography. It's always very interesting to me to see a couple loosen up in front of the camera and really lose themselves in the moment. After shooting with Brad and I for 20 minutes or so, Danielle and Ryan started to just run with it and it was easy to capture the magic from there. That's what I love about our engagement sessions; they give us chance to let the couple be themselves and for us to establish a great relationship before the wedding day. Enjoy the photos!