Engagement Sessions

Carla + Eric | Downtown Cleveland Engagement Session

Couples often ask me, why bother with an engagement session? Well, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the photos from an engagement session are some of the most genuine, fun-loving, and memorable that you'll ever have taken. Why? The wedding jitters! Here's a chance to get in front of the camera, and just enjoy being a couple without having to think about every minute detail of the wedding. It's a break from all the planning, decisions, and stress. Plus, it gives a couple the chance to get used to a camera being pointed at them. (Which ultimately leads to better wedding photography)

Our latest couple, Carla and Eric, are very special to us. Carla is my sister-in-law, and Eric, my soon to be brother-in-law. What I love about these two is just how natural they are with each other. The way they interact, joke, and make each other laugh is fun to watch, and even more fun to photograph. We also got a chance to photograph Carla's daughter Alexandra, who proved to be quite the photographer assistant towards the end of the shoot. Carla and Eric truly embody what it means to be from Cleveland. They're adventurous, energetic, and love to explore all that the city has to offer. What better locations to visit than the Rock Hall docks, East 4th Street, and Playhouse Square?

It has been a pleasure to tell their story, and we can't wait to attend the wedding in October!


Alicia + Nick | Holden Arboretum Engagement Session

Whenever we meet a new client, we like to find out a little bit about their backstory. How did they meet? What kinds of things do they enjoy doing together? When we sat down with Alicia and Nick, they told us that they met each other while working in a local pizza shop up in Willoughby, Ohio. It seemed fitting that we would start off their engagement session at the place where they grew to be close friends.

When we were trying to come up with some additional locations for our shoot, they mentioned that they have a membership at the Holden Arboretum. If you've never had a chance to visit the Holden Arboretum, it is certainly worth the trip. The grounds cover an expansive 3,600 acres, 600 of which are dedicated to specific collections and gardens. It is a beauty to behold, and would serve as a perfect backdrop for Alicia and Nick. The fall leaves were right around peak color as we walked throughout the arboretum, pausing here and there to create some beautiful imagery.

It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with these two, and we cannot wait to photograph their wedding next year!

Ashley + Joey | Chagrin Falls and Hudson Engagement Session

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I got the chance to meet up with Ashley and Joey. We had been emailing back and forth to discuss some locations they were interested in, and they mentioned that Joey had proposed in downtown Chagrin Falls. If you've never seen downtown Chagrin, you owe it to yourself to check out the neat shops that seem to hug the shoreline around the falls. It is by far one of the most beautiful downtown areas in Ohio. I was excited to take these two off trail to actually get them right in front of the falls. There is a gigantic fallen tree at the base of the falls, which is perfect for sitting and observing the beautiful surroundings. About 5 minutes into the shoot, I attempted to make my way a little farther down river so I could turn around and shoot with the falls in the background, when I discovered that some of the dried river stones were a bit more slick than anticipated. Ashley and Joey had a look of surprise when I slipped and fell into a log directly in front of me. Luckily, the log stopped me from falling and I was able to keep the camera from banging against anything. Despite my momentary lapse of balance, the smiles that Ashley and Joey gave me as I regained composure were priceless.

Next, we decided to climb back up to the main street and check out Jeni's Ice Cream. It's important to think of engagement sessions as date night. What could be better than taking in the sights, having some delicious ice cream, and hanging out with the person you love? I think that's a recipe for great photos.

After Chagrin Falls, we headed back to Hudson to hang out at Western Reserve, then back to their new home. I got a chance to meet their two pups and kitty, and we were able to grab a few family photos on their front porch. The day would not be complete without getting these two up on Joey's truck as the sky dimmed to brilliant shades of pink and blue.

Ashley and Joey are so relaxed with each other. They make each other laugh, melt into each others arms without hesitation, and complement each other in every way. It is truly a joy to capture the story of these two, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding.

Here's a quick video of some of our favorite images from their session. Enjoy!

ashley_joey_16 ashley_joey_8


ashley_joey_10 ashley_joey_9 ashley_joey_7 ashley_joey_6 ashley_joey_5 ashley_joey_4 ashley_joey_2ashley_joey_11ashley_joey_12ashley_joey_13ashley_joey_14ashley_joey_15ashley_joey_17ashley_joey_18

Tammi + Preston

Realizing that it is February, and snowing yet again, I thought it would be nice to share some photos from one of my favorite shoots of summer. I met Preston at a wedding we were photographing in Bowling Green, Ohio around... I want to say 2009? Preston has been following our photography for quite some time, and so when I received a phone call from him letting me know that he was now engaged, I jumped at the chance to photograph his wedding. Immediately upon talking to Tammi and Preston, you could see the undeniable chemistry they share. They really are a great example of a couple the compliments each other. They have the same sense of humor, will crack the same kind of jokes, and just love being around each other. When you have chemistry like that, it's always going to lead to a fun photography session.

For their engagement photos, we decided to meet up in Hudson and run around town a bit. I love the textures and different color buildings to use as the backdrop for their photos. Being June, it was a bit of a scorcher outside, so we ran into a coffee shop to grab some iced beverages for the road. Later in the day, we made a stop in Chagrin Falls, which if you haven't visited, you absolutely should. Not only do they have a Jeni's Ice Cream (which is amazing) but the views and the feel of the town is really unique. An Ohio best kept secret kind of place. Tammi and Preston were all smiles as we enjoyed creating photos around the area.

Our last stop was downtown Cleveland. About five to six years ago, I would have just avoided the downtown area because of traffic and construction. Now that many of the downtown projects have been completed, it is a wonderful place to photograph couples. It's hard to explain. Cleveland has a beautiful waterfront, that's a given, but there is this blend between modern buildings, like the Rock Hall and the Science Center, and the days of old. The Theater District, Public Square, the Old Millionaire's Row, hearken back to Cleveland's glory days. There's been so much investment in making downtown a great place to visit, work, and live, the possibilities for photography are endless. I wanted to give Tammi and Preston a variety of choices for their engagement session, and where else can you find such a blend of old and new?

All in all, we had so much fun hanging out and capturing their story. Their wedding is coming up this summer, and I can't wait to see what they have planned.


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Two People... Who Fell in Love.

I had been looking forward to shooting with Lauren and Dustin for quite some time. We had an absolutely perfect day to shoot outside. Being in Ohio, it's really anyone's guess as to whether mother nature will cooperate.

Any time I can get by the water it just triggers inspiration. The surf, the warm sun, the cool breeze... it all makes for some epic photography. It just feels good.

Lauren picked out some great outfits to bring along which gave us an opportunity to really push what we could get out of their engagement session. When they stepped in front of the lens, I just knew. Their love for each other came through with every shot. I couldn't ask for anything more... the day was perfect.

Enjoy the vid / pics!


(Watch it in HD, I promise it's worth it!)

Hot Summer Sun

I love shooting at the beach, and luckily, we've had quite a few couples this year that were excited to make the drive up to one of the most beautiful areas in Ohio. This summer has provided us with some amazing weather and gorgeous sunsets. Ashley and Jimmy first approached us during the winter months about their wedding plans. I knew from the first time I sat down with Ashley that this was going to an opportunity to shoot something really special. Jimmy had experience with wake-boarding from an early age, so doing a shoot up at the lake was naturally perfect for him. Ashley is simply radiant, and her personality comes across in every photo.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pics from their shoot, and I think you'll agree, they look great together!


Strolling though campus... Vanessa and Andy

Yay for sunshine! We've been having so much rain lately that some of our engagement sessions have literally been watching the weather channel down to the hour. I've been looking forward to Vanessa and Andy's shoot for quite some time. These two have been so much fun to work with. They met at Otterbein University (it's a University now (for all you Westervillians out there) and so this shoot meant so much more for the two of them.

I know how nostalgic I get when I walk around Bowling Green, and I could definitely see the excitement in their eyes walking around their alma mater. A beautiful day, with a fun and loving couple. What more could we ask for?


Michel and Aaron. A Shoot to Remember...

When I first met up with Michel and Aaron, they told me that they wanted to switch it up a bit for locations. In Mansfield Ohio, that can be a bit tricky since they aren't as many locations available as you would find in a big city. Aaron suggested the Mansfield Reformatory. I thought, oh... this is going to be one to remember!

For those of you that have never been to the Mansfield Reformatory, it's basically the old prison that they left standing after it closed in 1990. There have been many famous films shot there, most notably, The Shawshank Redemption. Scenes from Air Force One and Tango and Cash have also been shot there. So, if you're a geek like me, the idea of shooting an engagement session in a place like this is AWESOME.

We had 1 hour to go through almost the entire prison (before they closed for the night) so it was definitely a shoot and go type of day. Despite the time contraint, I think the results turned out great! Enjoy!

P.S. Special thanks to Jeremy Kester from Kester Imagery for helping out on the shoot!


Breanne and Tyler

I always love it when couples choose fun engagement session locations. Breanne and Tyler knew exactly what they wanted. "We are going to get some shots inside the Horseshoe..." Let's do it!

For those of you that have never been to / shot at the Horseshoe, it can be a bit tricky to get in if you don't show up at the right times. During the weekday, you can typically get in for no charge between the hours of 1PM and 5PM. During the weekend, you have to call for a reservation, and it'll cost you a small fee. In our case, we were able to "sneak" in around 4:45PM on a weekday afternoon. It actually worked out great because the stadium was literally ghost quiet. We had the whole place to ourselves to just run around, have fun, and shoot some great photography.

Breanne and Tyler were amazing to work with. Relaxed, up-for-anything, and just loved to be around each other. I know that wedding day will be awesome. Can't wait!


Jessica and Kevin (Shootin' in Dayton)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with all of you some great photos of our latest couple, Jessica and Kevin. These two met each other at the University of Dayton, which we've never (until now) had the opportunity to shoot at. I must say, wow! Beautiful campus! They have such a diverse group of locations and architecture that it made the shoot very exciting. The images we produced turned out awesome, and I couldn't be more excited to shoot their wedding. I hope you enjoy their photos!