Carrie and Stefan - The Wedding

When I first met Carrie and Stefan I knew that these two would be a lot of fun to photograph. They are non-stop personality and always seem to have a blast around each other. I can definitely appreciate their sense of humor and their wedding was so much fun to shoot. I showed up in the morning at the hair salon and got a chance to mix things up a bit with the girls for a bit before going over to Carrie's house. Whenever I am able to visit someone's home, I try to utilize home decor to compliment the photos.

Something I always tell new photographers is to not underestimate textures. Often, I'll find a cool pillow, table or leather couch to shoot details of rings, earrings, etc... It looks amazing, and in the end, you get some really cool shots with things the client may have never realized would make a good photo.

The day went great, and the bridal party was awesome to work with. As you're looking through the photos, I'm sure you'll also notice that one of Carrie's sisters traded a bridesmaid's dress for a tuxedo... and...vice versa! Certainly was one of more interesting ways to enter the reception, but everyone's reaction was priceless! A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Congratulations Carrie and Stefan!